• Kengo Fukui
    Producer, Director, Manager

    Fukui established VERYGOO in 2000 after experiencing various music-related businesses for 10 years from 1990 to 2000. From the year 2000 to 2003, Fukui concurrently served as A&R Production Director at Warner Music Japan. Fukui has produced music for many artists, movies, TV dramas and shows. In 2003, he started managing musicians at VERYGOO. Other than the management and music production, Fukui also performs planning and production of concerts and events.

    【Achievement as production director】
    Kenichi Suzumura/Ryoko Shintani/Mayumi Iizuka/Yuki Koyanagi/Tomoe Shinohara/Kaori Kano/Juri Ueno/Itsuji Itao/OTOHA/pal@pop/ROSE-UNLIMITED/Hideki Saijo/Ritsuko Okazaki/Masaki Toriyama/CHIHARU/THE PEANUTS-TRIBUTE SONGS-/Compilation Albums/O.S.T of Movies and TV dramas, etc.

  • Yu Sato

    Sato joined VERYGOO in 2007. In addition to managing musicians, Sato is also in charge of a number of artists and works as a music director. Sato performs planning and producing concerts and events as well. And he develops a wide variety of businesses such as adjusting schedules of musicians and directing music. Sato also serves as a manager of the affiliated artist Yusuke Saeki.

    【Achievement as production director】
    Tetsuya Kakihara/Daisuke Minakawa/Hiroyuki Yoshino/UncleBomb/(K)NoW_NAME/Yusuke Saeki/Lisa Yoshiki/Natsumi Kon/Idoling!!!/Yanawaraba-/THE IDOLM@STER/STRIKE WITCHES/Token Ranbu - Hanamura/Yowamushi Pedal, etc.

  • Fumiya Hayashi
    Director, Manager, Copyright management

    Hayashi joined VERYGOO in April 2011. In addition to managing musicians and producing music, Hayashi also supports the planning and production of concerts and events. Hayashi also serves as a booking manager for the affiliated engineers and recording studio "ROKU-st". He acts as a contact person for copyright-related business as well.

  • Naoshi Fujita
    Director, Manager

    Fujita joined VERYGOO in December 2011. Fujita is in charge of musician management and music production operations. Fujita performs total management of the affiliated engineers and recording studio "ROKU-st".